How I Can Help

Being the mother of a seven-year-old boy is not for the faint of heart. When he’s not licking the counter at “Chikolay” or throwing lizards at me, he’s in school. And Mama is free to work. Invite me to your classroom, your school, or your district to help students become better writers or to help teachers become better writing instructors.

Whether it’s an AP English class that needs to hear it a different way, a small group of seventh grade ELA teachers who want to up their game, or an auditorium full of high school English teachers who need desperately to hear that there is indeed a way to leave work at work, I’m all in.

Email me at or ring me up at 336-337-1181. Let’s talk about what you need and how I can help.

Model Lessons

I miss spending my days with teenagers. Seriously. I might even pay you to let me come do some model lessons or chat with AP students about the course or exam.

Teacher Training

I’ll come to your classroom, cafeteria, closet, auditorium, or arena and facilitate any ELA-related instruction you need. I’ve worked with groups as large as 200 and as small as two. My passions? I enjoy teaching students how to write analysis and teaching educators how to calibrate to a rubric. Rates range from half-day local (central NC) deals with no per diem to multi-day options that include hotel, travel, and meals.

Lectures and Readings

Jeweler David Webb was my great uncle, and I published his biography in 2013. His story is so rich, and I love to tell it. When invited, I jump at the chance to speak at jewelry shows, estate events, and luxury venues.

I love the sound of my own voice. It’s deep and Southern and makes for good storytelling. No charge—just feed me.


I’ve worked for Pearson and ETS on several projects (SAT, AP English Lang & Comp exam, NC Writing Assessment), and I love a good rubric. Get me your mock test responses, and I’ll score the essays and send you back a broad report on student strengths and weaknesses. Rates depend on the number of essays, turnaround time requested, and anchor paper quality.

One-on-one coaching, small group professional development, and large group training light my fire! Once in a while I get to do some of that with other curriculum designers.

I’m a recovering high school English teacher and curriculum specialist with a passion for helping teachers leave school at school. I create engaging, rigorous curriculum resources for secondary ELA professionals, and I facilitate workshops to help those teachers implement the materials effectively.