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Angie Kratzer is a recovering high school English teacher and curriculum specialist with a passion for helping other teachers go home empty handed. She writes unit plans, lesson plans, pacing guides, and activities for secondary ELA professionals seeking work-life balance and believes that every teenager should have access to engaging, rigorous materials.

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AP English Language teacher
Someone reading this post is a first-year teacher who was told the week before school started that she would be teaching AP English Language & Composition, that there was no time or money to send her to training, and that she would have five sections of 30 students. Girl, this post is for you. Hold on to something.
No one is busier than an English teacher. We’re overworked and burned out, but doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five English teacher hacks that just might save you some time along the way.
Here are three fun ways to start conversations in a secondary classroom without overwhelming them with small talk or allowing anyone to suck up all the air in the room.
AP English Language multiple choice; AP Lang; AP English AP language
Students need exposure to the types of questions they’ll face on the AP Language exam, but there are ways to practice that are–dare I say it–engaging. Heaven forbid they actually learn while practicing.

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