God is in the Hallway: An Equipping Devotional for Christian Educators

We meet God in the waiting, in the ‘in between’ of it all. For my students, life happens in the hallway between classes. That’s where they learn how to do relationships, how to trust, whom to trust, and how to wait—for love, for acceptance, for approval. God is in that hallway, both for them and for their teachers. Each classroom, each school, each office, and each board meeting is a battleground. We’re powerless without an understanding of who God is, who we are to him, and what weapons we already have for the hardest job there is.

Each week of the study is comprised of five-day sets of readings and exercises. Day 1 features a short essay on a particular truth about God and our relationship with him. Day 2 applies the Day 1 reading to the daily lives of educators. Day 3 introduces relevant scripture and suggests strategies for memorizing it. Each verse is given in three different Bible versions. Day 4 includes historical context for the Day 3 scripture and inductive study questions for meditation and application. Day 5 is for processing the reader’s thoughts, God’s revelation, and any changes that need to be made in thinking or behavior.